Hey everybody! Dan from Middle Creek Signs here. I just want to introduce our newest addition to the sign shop. It’s a high tech CNC router, and it’s awesome!

A CNC router is really just a big computerized material cutter, and it’s the modern tool for making carved/dimensional signs. We can do anything from simple cut-outs, to V-groove lettering, to complex 3D figures and textures. It allows us to build signs in levels, and that’s a great way to make them stand out (literally).

We’ve been offering CNC carved signs for many years, but we outsourced the carving part. Now that we have our own machine, we are able to experiment and push our boundaries. Sometimes we’ll get an odd request, or we’ll think of something unique while brainstorming. One of us will ask “Can we do that?”. So I go fire up the router and try it out, and, lowe and behold, we can! We’ve actually had the router for about a year now, and we’ve picked up a ton of new tricks, and are doing much more work in-house.

Check out the examples below, then see more on our Sign Gallery page

Shade Mountain Winery Project