Meet J’Amy’s Summer Chill & 522 Grill; a colorful new eatery in the little town of Beaver Springs.

In the early stages of opening up their dream business, owners, James and Amy, contacted us to have our talented designer, Trish, develop their logo. Right away, we could tell that they really understood what professional graphics could do for their image.

The logo was designed with the funky, retro feel that James and Amy wanted, and they soon had a whole list of places to use it. From then on, all graphics were designed with matching fonts, colors, and shapes. Over a few months, we produced and installed their main sign/message board, trailer graphics, menu boards, parking signs, and table tops.

The goal throughout the project, was to use the logo to create a unified style. This is called branding, and it’s a really good idea. You can learn more about branding on our sign gallery page, but in brief, branding makes you look professional and well structured, which has been proven to give customers confidence in your company.