Did you know that we do transparent window graphics?  We don’t do them often, but as a full service graphics shop, we have the capability to create many unique projects. Here is a project we recently completed for Bucknell University that challenged us to try something new.

On the second floor of Bucknell’s Sojka (basketball) Pavilion, there is an 80 foot row of windows which overlook the Kinney Natatorium. The Bucknell athletics department asked us to design and install a stampede of graphic bison across these windows. The design needed to be continuous across all windows, use the Bucknell colors of blue and orange and tie in with the graphic style of the Bucknell Bison logo.

After some brainstorming, we all agreed that transparent graphics would be the most dramatic. Light would shine through and make the imagery glow; like a stained glass window.

The design process was challenging, production took some very careful planning, and we had to experiment with new materials and techniques with our digital printer, but the Bucknell athletics department is thrilled with the way it turned out. Take a look.