Frequently Asked Questions

A big factor in the cost of a sign are the design requirements.
Basic Design: Bold and easy to read, yet simple
Intermediate Design: Interesting fonts and text effects add more visual appeal to the design.
Logo Design: Using a combination of lettering, graphics, shape and color; a unique and memorable impression is created that best portrays the nature of the business.

Some other factors that affect pricing:

  1. If your sign is for a temporary application, we can sometimes use lower-cost materials. If the sign is “permanent”, we use premium materials to maximize durability and longevity.
  2. Two-sided signs are usually 50% more than one-sided signs, depending on production requirements.
  3. Flat signs are almost always more economical than three dimensional signs.
  4. Posts, scroll brackets and finials are priced separately.
  5. Installation is also priced separately.

The first step is to browse this site to learn about your options. Next, determine your wants, needs and budget (if possible.) We can then provide a free, no-obligation estimate for your project.

After you approve the estimate, we can begin the design work. Please note, a deposit may be required if custom artwork is needed. When the design for your new sign is approved, a work order is signed and production can start.

Yes, we normally email a proof for your approval prior to final production; “hardcopy” proofs are also available.

Depending on the size and complexity of your project—among other factors—we may request partial payment prior to starting your project or when our proof is approved. We will discuss payment terms with you early in the process. We accept checks, cash, and credit cards.

Installations can range from easy to complex. Some involve simply fastening the sign to an existing wall or other facade. Others involve Erecting post structures or structural bracket systems. Most clients prefer us to handle the installation chores, but we’re happy to provide instructions and hardware if you’d like to install the sign yourself. For obvious reasons, please note that we don’t guarantee do-it-yourself installations.

Depending on your specific installation, “maybe.” Check with your local municipality to see whether a permit is required. If your sign is located along a state highway, call PennDOT (570-368-8686) for set back, rights-of-way and related issues. Finally, if there’s any digging involved, call PA ONE CALL (1-800-242-1776) to ensure that there are no buried utility lines.

When a customer purchases a logo, s/he receives all intellectual property rights and it can be used for other purposes without restriction. Otherwise, our creative work is copyrighted and the rights must be purchased prior to using our art for work we’re not providing.

That depends on a variety of factors—the type of sign, production requirements and more. After the design is approved we provide a tentative timeline for completion, and if you are facing a critical deadline we’ll do our best to meet your time frame.